When you get the hiring process right and select the employee who is the right fit for your business they become a valuable and engaged team member.
And businesses with engaged employees can enjoy a range of benefits including an improvement in their profitability of 22%.
I’m sure you’ll agree, making sure you hire the right employee is a big decision you shouldn’t take lightly.

Hire For Job Fit & Skills To Avoid Hiring a Lemon

For years Omnia’s unique Job Fit Profiling has taken the guess work out of hiring new staff.   Just check out what businesses who have been using our services for years have to say about the benefits of Omnia’s profiling…
“I’ve used Omnia for 6 years now.  I was tired of second guessing on how good a future that’s so good, it’s quite scary.  With Omnia you get to choose really good staff that will stay with you for a long time”
David Renwick – Director – Automatic Transparts Ltd
“Omnia is the essential recruitment tool for our business.  We are a leading service provider on the NZ waterfront and Omnia has never failed us in 15 plus years to provide us with the critical things we need to know about a candidate.  Omnia has been instrumental in helping us make the right recruitment choice for the business.”
Dean Carter -General Manager, HR & Training, ISO Limited. 

We’ll help you recruit like a pro. By using our unique and comprehensive Psychometric and Job Fit Profiling processes we can give you insights into your candidates which make deciding if they are indeed the best candidate for the job more certain.
You’ll save the time, money and stress of hiring the wrong person whist staying in complete control of the process

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